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Rural health in a changing world

Rural health is the interdisciplinary study of health and health care delivery in rural environments. This topic presents a prescient global challenge in today’s society as populations living in rural areas have to navigate multiple vulnerabilities associated with the complex needs of ageing populations, lack of proper access to healthcare facilities, the emergence of infectious diseases and climate change.

With these challenges in mind, the University of Lincoln has established the Lincoln International Institute for Rural Health (LIIRH). The institute will conduct world-class research focusing on the greatest health issues facing rural communities both locally and globally. Therefore, LIIRH plans to be central to new efforts to better understand the health issues pertinent to Lincolnshire and the rest of the UK, while simultaneously addressing similar health concerns internationally.

“I am delighted that the University has established the Lincoln International Institute for Rural Health, which will be at the forefront of efforts to research, and contribute efforts to tackle, some of the most difficult issues facing our rural communities. While many of these challenges are not specific to rural communities, they are often made worse by the geographical remoteness and lack of infrastructure which characterises rural communities. The new Institute, comprising world-renown scholars, will come forward with rich analysis, critical insights, and innovative solutions that will benefit the rural communities of Lincolnshire, and globally”.

Professor Mary Stuart, Vice Chancellor of the University of Lincoln