Rural Health in a Changing World

The Lincoln International Institute for Rural Health (LIIRH) conducts interdisciplinary research to address the most important health issues facing rural communities locally, nationally, and internationally. The institute aims to ‘shine a light’ on the unacceptable health inequities that exist across the rural-urban divide and to find innovative ways of reducing or ideally eliminating that inequality.

The institute brings together world-leading specialists, conducting research across a range of rural health related concerns, ranging from infectious disease epidemiology, HIV, oral health, and emergent response analysis through to sustainable remote health care delivery solutions, meta-governance approaches, and m-health technological innovation.

LIIRH is supported by generous grants from the Wolfson Foundation, and the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

Our research benefits from strong links with members of CAHRU, the School of Psychology, the School of Health and Social Care, the School of Computer Science and research groups within Life Sciences, particularly the Diabetes Research Group. Nationally, the institute has strong links to researchers at University College London and is a key partner of the National Centre for Rural Health and Care.

LIIRH’s strong global health portfolio of research is supported by a network of academic partners located in GermanyCanada, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, South AfricaMalaysiaBangladesh, and Australia.



Chronic Care, Chronic Disease, and Disadvantaged Populations

This theme addresses gaps in health outcomes, wellbeing, and participation in health and social care systems for people living in rural remote and coastal communities.

Virus Modelling

Health Metrics and Disease Modelling

We live in an age where digital technologies and AI are extending possibilities for medical and healthcare, interventions, and models of delivery.

Researchers in a lab

Prevention, Early Detection, and Screening

Early detection, screening, and treatment of chronic conditions and diseases within disadvantaged and rural populations are core elements in the LIIRH’s portfolio, from localised instances to global research.


“I am delighted that the University has established the Lincoln International Institute for Rural Health, which will be at the forefront of efforts to research, and contribute efforts to tackle, some of the most difficult issues facing our rural communities. While many of these challenges are not specific to rural communities, they are often made worse by the geographical remoteness and lack of infrastructure which characterises rural communities. The new Institute, comprising world-renown scholars, will come forward with rich analysis, critical insights, and innovative solutions that will benefit the rural communities of Lincolnshire, and globally”.

Professor Mary Stuart, Vice Chancellor of the University of Lincoln